Some adresses ...


Astrosurf : a portal towards a lot of personal pages about astronomy.

S. Bertorello : technical advices about all the aspects of amateur astronomy, from ATM to observation (in French).

The Binocular Site : amateur astronomy with binoculars

An online guide for first-time telescope buyers explaining telescope basics and detailing accessories, useful software and more.


Amateur pictures

M. Besnier : high quality amateur pictures, and some general papers about pratical amateur astronomy (in French).

Etienne Bonduelle : or, how to master a webcam (in French).

Franck Danard : pictures, but also DIY and gastronomy (in French) !

J-M. Gillard : interesting pictures of easily visible objects (in French).

Pete Lawrence : a lot of pictures about astronomy and the sky.

Thierry Legault : a master of high resolution. And a lot of advices to take pictures, especially a notorious paper about collimation .

S. Suzuki : a japanese amateur who takes really wonderful pictures.

G. Therin : high resolution pictures, with a camera or a CCD.
And I advise you at the same time his site on the nature in beauty. A miracle ! (in French, but no matter, have a look at the pictures)